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Business Solutions

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Leveraging technology experience & a network of talented professionals

Since 2005, Nicole has been designing and developing solutions and business systems to help scale, mobilize and monetize business operations for her clients.

Her area of expertise ranges from automation of workflows, tailoring SaaS applications for business operations and developing custom applications to meet Client needs. 

The Process

1 Consult

Nicole's intent is to learn about your business, your goals and priorities.

3 Engage

Nicole gets involved with your business to surface opportunities and define goals to be achieved.

2 Build

Nicole will work with your business to plan, design and achieve the goals.

4 Support

Nicole will provide ongoing advisory, change management and support to your business.

Creative. Secure. Reliable.

Custom developed solutions to address organization challenges.
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Technology Solutions

Providing design and implementation of cloud infrastructure, systems and services. Enabling hybrid teams to work efficiently in secure environments.

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Operational Solutions

Delivering systems to enable secure collaboration across and within sales, marketing, finance, HR and operational teams located globally.

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Delivery Solutions

Enabling auto fulfillment to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of products or service from and to anywhere.

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Training Solutions

Onboarding teams and staff with custom learning solutions and systems designed to increase ROI from day 1.

Solving challenges using a creative, data-centric approach.

Project & Client Management with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has always been my go-to solution for organizations who utilize an M365 business subscription AND need a CRM or project management tool. Most M365 subscriptions include access to SharePoint which is a powerful collaboration platform that easily integrates with other collaboration utilities like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive.


In this blog post, we will explore a case study of how one of my clients was able to adopt a customized SharePoint solution to streamline their project and client management workflows resulting in a 200% increase in revenue and decrease of 40% a day of administrative effort.

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Her mission

To Help Clients Achieve Their Goals And Do More By Leveraging Systems And Solutions To Do The "Heavy Lifting".

About Nicole

Data Centric

Focused on ROI, measured results and continuous improvement to enable cost-efficient growth.

Business Exec

Experienced business operator & people leader who can communicate technology expertise in business terms your team will understand.

SaaS Expert

Working with cloud-based applications. platforms & providers designing integrated solutions for business that help scale, mobilize and secure operations.

Software Developer

Experienced programmer to ensure the highest standards are upheld during every phase of custom & SaaS application development.

News & Insights

Designing and Creating Business Apps with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has been used for many years to serve up content to organizational users (internal and external). It’s powerful capabilities and native integrations to apps like Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Excel have been advantageous to managers who want to focus their staff on productivity and maximize ROI.

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Why SaaS systems can fail

While SaaS has positives, it also has negatives. The reasons why businesses, looking for a fix or replacement of a SaaS system, reach out for help in the first place are predicable. SaaS system failures start with the approach people. In this article I’ll share with you 10 common failures that prompt businesses to seek out new systems and how best to mitigate the failures.

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Transforming the Way we do Business

Applications are the digital solutions of today and offer a wide range of ways to help organizations streamline through innovation. From cloud computing and data analytics to artificial intelligence and smart infrastructure, digital solutions have the power to transform.

Clients & Partners.

Proud to serve & collaborate with global brands.