Nicole Darechuk, Consultant

Nicole Darechuk, Consultant

Innovative Business Solutions.

Helping organizations and people work smarter.

Technology Solutions

Modernizing infrastructure and workspaces.

Operational Solutions

Streamlining collaboration and cross-functional teams.

Delivery Solutions

Automated systems to manage product and service delivery.

Training Solutions

Developing teams in context of their business.

Solving challenges using a creative, data-centric approach.

Project & Client Management with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint has always been my go-to solution for organizations who utilize an M365 business subscription AND need a CRM or project management tool. Most M365 subscriptions include access to SharePoint which is a powerful collaboration platform that easily integrates with other collaboration utilities like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive.


In this blog post, we will explore a case study of how one of my clients was able to adopt a customized SharePoint solution to streamline their project and client management workflows resulting in a 200% increase in revenue and decrease of 40% a day of administrative effort.

Creative. Secure. Reliable.

Collaboratively developed solutions to address challenges.
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Technology Solutions.

Providing design and implementation of cloud infrastructure services to enable hybrid teams to work securely.

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Operational Solutions.

Delivering systems to address challenges and enable secure collaboration across and within teams located globally.

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Delivery Solutions.

Enabling auto fulfillment to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of products or service.

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Training Solutions

Onboard teams and staff with custom learning solutions and systems designed to increase ROI.

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My mission

To Help My Clients Achieve Goals And Do More By Leveraging Systems And Solutions To Do The "Heavy Lifting".

Clients & Partners.

Proud to serve & collaborate with global brands.