Nicole Darechuk, Consultant


Designing & Developing Innovative Business Solutions.
Helping Clients Address Challenges with Custom Tailored Systems.

Two clouds connected to a padlock image


Providing design and implementation of cloud infrastructure services to enable hybrid teams to work securely.

A figure of a person holding a case, an up arrow indicating cloud and dollar sign symbols to represent business


Delivering systems to address challenges and enable secure collaboration across and within teams located globally.

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Enabling auto fulfillment to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of products or service.

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Onboard teams and staff with custom learning solutions and systems designed to increase ROI.

transparent terms of service

Services designed for todays business needs.

  • Fixed-fee contracts

  • No time tracking

  • No long-term committments

Technology Solutions.

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Team collaboration between two femalesDigital environments promoting productivity and secure access to information. Teams work together with ease in-person and remotely using cloud platforms designed to simplify the daily workload.

App on tablet in warehouseIntegrated infrastructure with automated data flow and processes. Tap into mobile systems that provide your team access to data and operational functions to succeed in executing daily tasks.

Custom code screenInnovative eCommerce, fulfillment, high customer satisfaction and AI integrated algorithms. 

Two people reviewing a tablet screenIntegrated systems, data flow automation and process optimization. The key ingredients to innovative systems that power service and product-focused on business.

Comprehensive Support

Help in terms your Team will understand.

  • On-demand support

  • White-labelled onboarding documentation

  • Live and pre-record training

Operational Solutions.

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Team high fiveComprehensive operational systems with integrated data flow for digitally connected teams. The ERP is powered by data input by your team and by connected systems to provide quick data-focused decision making and insights that drive customer satisfaction improvements.

Infrastructure service cloudManaged servers, data and security in the cloud. Companies choose cloud to manage costs and improve uptime of remotely accessible information.

A man viewing multiple screens

Managing high availability applications and development releases with managed SDLC and DevOps services.

Screen and hand with a system cog wheel overlayIntegrated systems, data flow automation and process optimization. Expertly designed systems with repeatable processes running behind the scenes.

Collaborative workstyle

Working together to design intelligent and innovative Solutions.

  • Goal & Metric Focused

  • Strategically Driven Planning & Prioritization

  • Solutions driven by team input and data trends

Delivery Solutions.

Two people facing each other with one holding a package for delivery

A man surrounded by shipping boxes with a laptop in frontAutomated flows to deliver products & services to customers. Systems designed to ensure consistent experiences.

Hands of people holding tabletsDeliver data to internal teams, digital downloads to customers or tap into automated workflow to help deliver services to customers.

A person smiling with another person behind looking on

Speed up and lower cost to onboarding new team members with remotely accessible training in context of your business.

Screen with analytics dashboard

Next level marketing systems with automated nurture campaigns delivering ads, email and more using intelligent systems.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration with expert advisors and agencies to provide best-in-class service.

  • Transparent vendor relationships

  • Clear terms and accountability

  • Comprehensive support

Training Solutions.

People attending online training, on screen with a play button

A team surrounding a screen with a virtual call in processCustomized application, system and solution training in terms your team understands.

Hands of people holding tabletsDelivering reusable training content using intelligent LMS systems.

Welcoming a new team member

Outsource onboarding new team members by experts who train in context of your business. Helping to prepare your team to be successful in their new roles.

A person guiding another person using a tablet.

Call, click or chat to get real-time training in business terms your team understands.


No! Often times, you have not had the time or resources to start or finish gathering all requirements. 

My role will involve gathering and confirming all requirements with you and your team.

Yes! Deposits are required to secure my time. It demonstrates commitment to the effort and ensures I am available to you.

On-demand support service is no exception. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of $250 is required up front and will be applied to future monthly bills. 

I do not charge for consultations when I need to gather requirements to prepare a solution proposal.

I offer fixed-fee project plans and on-demand support plans. 

I provide services to all industries. I specialize in solutions for construction, retail, technology and agency firms.

It does depend on the type of change. I will advise on the best time to get started based on this information and other important factors that are relevant to your business and industry.

No! I provide hourly support at a fixed rate and billed to the minute. There are no minimums. You will receive a monthly bill and report for all time incurred.

Services are delivered according to a prepared SOW. Receiving a deposit and signature confirms the terms and SOW are understood and will be conformed to.