Nicole Darechuk, Consultant


Designing & Developing Innovative Business Solutions | Helping Clients Address Challenges with Custom Systems That Deliver Results

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Technology Solutions

Design and set up of cloud infrastructure services, SaaS applications and networked devices. Enabling remote, on-site and hybrid teams to work securely and effectively in the cloud and in the office.

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Operational Solutions

Delivering custom systems to power back office operations.
Designed to optimize workflow and enable secure collaboration while delivering products and services to customers.

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Delivery Solutions

Custom eCommerce and retail fulfillment systems focused on ensuring a great customer experience. Enabling auto fulfillment of products and services to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of products or service.

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Training Solutions

Onboarding teams and staff with custom learning solutions. Establishing systems designed to increase speed up the hiring process and lessen the load on your teams.

Solution results Speak for Themselves

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Services are designed for todays business needs and to reach tomorrows goals

Technology Solutions for Business

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Collaborative Workspaces

Custom designed digital environments to promote productivity and secure access to information used in daily tasks. Teams work together with ease in-person and remotely using cloud applications.

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Business Systems

Integrated infrastructure designed with automated data flow and processes. Your team and customers can tap into data and operational functions to succeed in executing daily tasks.

Web Applications

Developing innovative eCommerce, fulfillment solutions, CSAT systems and integrating generative AI. Online retail and service organizations benefit from saving time administering systems while ensuring great customer experiences.

Comprehensive Support

Help in terms your Team will understand.

Operational Solutions for Business

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Integrated ERP & CRM

Installation of cloud ERPs and CRMS with integrated data flows. Sales, marketing, finance and operational apps are powered by data input by your team and connected systems to provide quick insights and easy handling of daily operations.

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Managing high availability applications and development releases with SDLC and DevOps services powered by AWS and integrated platforms.

Infrastructure service cloud


Integrated systems, data flow automation and process optimization. Expertly designed systems with repeatable processes running behind the scenes.

Collaborative workstyle

Working together to design intelligent and innovative Solutions.

Delivery Solutions for Business

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Automated Fulfillment

Designing automated flows to deliver products, services and marketing messaging to customers and prospects. Systems and apps are optimized to ensure consistent experiences and easy to manage data structures.

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Deliver data to internal teams, digital downloads to customers or tap into automated workflow to help deliver services to customers. Designing branded portals for internal and external use with integrated data flow.

Team Onboarding

Speed up and lower cost to onboarding new team members with remotely accessible training in context of your business. Designing and developing video-based and live virtual training solutions.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration with expert advisors and agencies to provide best-in-class service.

Training Solutions for Business

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Live & Virtual Training

Customized training in context of your business operations. Delivering re-useable training modules in terms your team understands.

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Team Onboarding

Designing and developing LMS systems that lower cost of employee onboarding and speed the process of integrating new team members.


If you know what you need to achieve from a business perspective, I will guide you in determining the technical services needed to deliver. 

I provide comprehensive technical services required to deliver on a project or engagement. These will be determined at the time of the consult based on your needs and requirements.

I provide services to all industries and specialize in solutions for construction, retail, associations, non-profit, technology and service-based firms.

It does depend on the type of change. I will advise on the best time to get started based on this information and other important factors that are relevant to your business and industry.

Yes. Services are delivered according to a prepared SOW, Letter of Intent or Letter of Agreement. Signatures confirm the terms are understood and an agreement has been legally reached.