Nicole Darechuk, Consultant

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Experience Counts.

My Story

I love sharing knowledge and experiences with my clients. It’s at the core of why and how I provide the services.

It’s important to me, clients like you are valued, understood and most important of all, supported throughout every aspect of change in your business. I thrive on change and enjoy the process of working with teams to drive it.


My experience has landed me in progressive roles as a business analyst and ultimately as a business operator. I loved working for global brands as their go-to to design new systems but the need is always a priority. 


By providing this role to you on a contract basis, I can commit time to your project when you need it most and you can keep your resource costs to an optimal level.


Maximize your investment in technology.


Bridge the gap, using simple terms, between business and technology.


Enable you to scale your operations with confidence.

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Why Clients Hire Me

Experience & Expertise

I ensure you can make informed decisions about all the latest tech available.

Focused on Relationships

Long-term collaboration  with you is key to navigating changes with success.

Plans ensure Success

Despite all urgencies I always establish a plan to ensure risks are minimized.

My Methods.

Listen & Learn.

Using input from you, your team and existing business systems, I learn about your business so the systems I design are a best fit.

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Repurpose and Reuse.

Innovating a new solution from an old one, provides a head start to implementing a new system.

Phased Building.

Implementing using building blocks lessens the impact to your team and creates a structure that is easy to maintain.